Courage is Khutso Mmethi’s Super Power

Name: Khutso Mmethi

Province: Limpopo

Facebook: Khutso Kattitude Mmethi



What is the essence of being a woman to you?

Being of great articulate character. Standing bold and brave for being human before everything.

What is your super power?

My sense of possessing courage to the next person

What words would you use to describe yourself?

Intellect, African, Queen, ambitious, dreamer, lover of life.

Do you relate to Women’s Month? If yes, why is it significant to you? If no, why is it not significant to you?

I do relate to it. It is with great honour to rise and celebrate the struggles, strengths, achievement and success of women. We have been deprived of our freedom for so long. Now we take charge of individuals we are.

They say behind every man is a strong woman, is this a statement you relate to?

Yes because as women, there are certain attributes we are born with to view situations and bring light to ideas. As women, we have a nurturing essence. I always say when you are a woman, feed a man’s ego by moulding it and possessing it where it best suits

How do you think society perceives women?

Society sees women as weak, dependent, confused, not having focus or vision. We are seen to be the feeders of homes, the carers of children and the sitters of homes.

How are you #CommittedToChange in your role as a woman?

I always affirm my character wherever I go.

What do you think the role of women is in developing the country?

We play a huge role because we see beyond challenges, we see beyond failure, and we have strength to bear whatever change that comes to us.

In a world that favours men, how are you fulfilling your role as a woman?

It’s a tough one because I always have to fight to be head.

In your words, what would South Africa look like if it had a female president?

Wow! Peaceful, progressive and eager to achieve more.

Given what you know now, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Be a woman of dignity, be a woman of morals, love yourself and always see the best of you in everything you do.

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