Celebrating the resilience of ACTIVATE! Women

The month of August marks Women’s Month where we celebrate the women within the ACTIVATE! Change Drivers Network and how they are contributing towards positive change. By showcasing these amazing women through a photo exhibition on Instagram (Instabition) we will highlight the resilience of women Activators in their various spaces and the immeasurable contribution they make to their communities.

The ACTIVATE! Change Drivers Network hosts an array of young people with a unique perspective on the issues affecting the country. This month we have set out to highlight the ingenious efforts of women Activators. Every story has its unique identity, its own pulse and is geared towards active citizenry. With this campaign we hope to elevate the progressive leaps taken by young women everyday despite the odds, the scourge of violence and patriarchal tendencies that are alive and inherent in our society today.

What role does a young women play in developing the country? How does a young women experience a world which favours men? What would South Africa look like if it had a female president? These are just some of the questions that women in the ACTIVATE! Network will shed light on. We asked Activator Charmaine Maloba how she thinks society perceives women, she said, “I think women are perceived as secondary citizens, I can definitely see that, in every aspect of life there’s just that space where we are an afterthought, a scapegoat, a reason for a crime, etc… but somewhere in those little minds, they know her power, and that’s the reason she’s kept in her box, well God forbid if you unleashed the beast!

We asked Activator Aphelele Gumede, what would South Africa look like if it had a female president, she responded, “The Presidency or leadership is not about gender but the ability to serve ones country with integrity.”

Follow the progression of this empowering campaign on Instagram using our handle @activate_za or instagram.com/activate_za as we attempt to preserve the light of young women doing amazing work in a world that at the best of times tries to dim it. It is our wish to contribute towards the elevation of female voices.


ACTIVATE! is a network of young leaders equipped to drive change for the public good across South Africa. Connecting youth who have the skills, sense of self and spark to address tough challenges and initiate innovative and creative solutions that can reshape our society.


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