Keeping a finger on the Activate pulse

The network is so vibrant and  ‘alive with possibilities’ that we have dedicated resources to keep (you) in touch with what’s hot in the network. These are some of the current campaigns and events.


We have launched the #(YOU)thCan campaign to build on the Activator energy improving how government works in South Africa, making changes and VOTING! We’re working with Activators inspiring one another and other young people to vote this year and hold government accountable to the commitments they make. A huge amount of work is underway to build this campaign with partners, information packs and media support and profiling Activator voting champions and election observers.

Leaders are Readers

One of the campaigns we’ve grown from 2015 is the mobile library network. Activator Masiza Hlekwayo has been so passionate about books, reading and literacy that she is taking over this project. More details will be released soon. For now, please follow us on Facebook: Leaders are Readers:

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Dignity for International Migrants

Organisations collaborated on a discussion document to submit to the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) for the published International Migration Green Paper. The aim of this collaboration was to provide a unified voice on what the issues and solutions civil society has in regard to the aforementioned pieces of legislation.