Building the future, one child at a time

For Sinazo Peters helping others is second nature. She has used events in her own life as a springboard to assist those less fortunate than herself.

She embarked on her journey when, due to depression, her father passed away. It began with a movement called Best Dads – where she created a dialogue for men to become good fathers to their children and good partners to their spouses. It also tackled the issue of absent fathers and encouraged them to be responsible. Nowadays Peters is focused on children and youth.

The Mkhulise Foundation is a registered NGO that works to create an enabling environment where youth come together to empower and nurture each other and learn to take charge of their sexual and reproductive health.

Mkhulise means “Raise a Child”. Peters and her friends meet with groups of children at schools and orphanages to give motivational talks. The foundation gives young children a platform to talk without judgment and to uplift confidence.

The Mkhulise Foundation also arranges pads and sanitary items for young girls.

Peters is trying to help eradicate suffering and vulnerability of children in her community. She feels that no matter how little she has, she always has something to share and give.

This article was published in partnership with TimesLive ACTIVATE!, a network of young leaders equipped to drive change for the public across South Africa. You can watch the video on TimesLive

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