Applications for Switch 2018 are now open!

SSEP APPLICATIONS OPEN 20 Nov 2017 – 19 JAN 2018

The applications for Switch Social Entrepreneurship Programme are now open!
Please read the attached brochure and below information to ensure you fully understand the programme, its offering and what it expects from you.

The SSEP accepts 60 candidates a year. Due to limit spaces, we are looking for the brightest and most sustainable social enterprise concepts. As the programme runs over 11 months, we’re also seeking activators who are fully committed to learning and building their idea.

Please see more about the programme on our Facebook page and attched brochure.

Basic requirements:

  • Completed the ACD Training
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Access to internet and a computer
Time Management:
The SSEP is a part-time programme so you can complete it while working and/or studying but please note that time management and planning is crucial to get the best out of this experience.
There are 7 home missions that need to completed by required deadlines throughout the year. Although we provide plenty of time for these to be completed, it is still important that you plan your SSEP work according to your availability.Remote Support:
SSEP prides itself in creating a warm, supportive and family-like environment for all candidates. We offer loads of support via various platforms, regardless of where you are. Any challenge does not need to be experienced on your own as we’re always here to help. We understand life happens and we have your back the whole way through.

Missions are home tasks which you’re expected to complete within a certain time frame. These missions are fun, offer significant skills development and bring something new to you with each one. The biggest mission of the year is a fundraising event which you will plan and host (with our support of course). Please note that your confidence will grow with every mission and they are designed to help you learn and build your idea. Resources and support is continuously shared on our SSEP Facebook group for your convenience.

Thorough communication throughout the programme is important to ensure a positive experience for all involved. Should you face any challenges, miss a deadline or have a change of personal details, please be sure to communicate with the SSEP team via email, Facebook or phone.

Should you miss a mission deadline or workshop without prior communication, it results in immediate programme cancellation.
Every deadline and workshop is compulsory to complete the programme.
Should you choose to cancel your SSEP journey, please note that we reserve the right to request death certificates/doctors notes.

R 150 (non-refundable) for those who have been accepted and choose to join us.
Switchers cover their own travel to provincial workshops and the annual seminar. SSEP does NOT offer travel reimbursements.

Workshop locations:
The locations of the workshops during March/April 2018 is dependent on the location of successful applicants but we visit almost every province – meeting you half way 🙂

SSEP does not:

  • Offer funding or financial support for any project.
  • Offer an accredited certificate
  • Incubate small businesses (we are a PRE-incubation programme)
What happens after SSEP?
Once completing the whole programme, you join a network of previous Switchers and awesome connections within and beyond the Activate network related to social enterprise.
You will receive a letter of completion detailing the various skills you have acquired.
Although we are not an incubator, we will have partnerships with incubators across the country and offer those connections to the most dedicated Switchers who have been able to excel throughout the programme (meet every deadline and show significant growth) – should you choose to start your own project.Many Switchers choose to take their SSEP learnings to further their studies or find work with an existing social enterprise. This is also a great path to take.
You will be included on a mailing list and Facebook group of continuous opportunities.

I’m ready to apply! What now?

Please apply online here

The outcome of your application can be expected in your inbox by end of January 2018. We wish you the best of luck!!!

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