An intervention to instill hope

Project name: Tsoga Youth Foundation 

Facebook: @TsogaYF

Twitter handle: @TsogaYF

Contact details: 078 680 6763

Project name:  Tsoga Youth Foundation

Activator involved: Petros Sithole, Itumeleng Molea, Lindiwe Phiri & Busisiwe Mahlangu

Members involved in the project?  Themba Nkosi, Lindiwe Nhlapo, Charles Ngolele, Pertunia Makhubalo, Mpho Mashishi & Vincent Tlala

Petros Sithole describes their project as a youth development and after-school programme.

When was the project started?

23 August 2016

 Who started the project?

Petros Sithole, Itumeleng Molea and Lindiwe Phiri

What motivated the initiation of the project? 

There was a dire need for intervention, more especially to instill hope in the youth in the community of Mmakaunyane and surrounding’s. 80% of the youth of Mmakaunyane are unemployed and most are school dropouts, therefore we saw the need to help them rediscover the need and importance of being an educated individual and this was after we have received training at Activate to go and empower other people out of the space of training.

What is the objective of the project?

To impact and create independent young leader’s of at least 500 like minded people in a space of a year.

Why is this project needed in your community?

This will help the youth feel empowered, and reduce the number of non-graduate’s as well as school dropouts in and around the community. We believe by doing this initiative we’re driving out the need for drug usage amongst the youth of Mmakaunyane.

Who have you assisted through this project? What does this assistance look like?

We have currently worked with Mmakaunyane Sundowns Academy where we have held 10 days camp with at least 65 young people with the aim of instilling the need for education and to show them that education can be received either in a formal or informal manner. This year we are also working with Mmakaunyane Secondary school with the afternoon program and have come to agreement with them to do away with Matric ball, instead they should utilize that time to prepare the students both for preparatory and main exams

Do you think your project encourages leadership? In what way?

Yes it does, currently we have established young mentors within the group of the learners we working with and because we encourage independency with on our learners.

Do you require funding/sponsorship for this project to be a success?

Yes we do, in terms of branding and members attire and resources to use during camps, such as black boards,books and pencils

Name some of the challenges you face?

Poor engagement from most of the youth and non-support from the community

Name some of the successes?

We have been able to convince the school to do away with matric dance and for Mmakaunyane secondary we have seen an increase in the overall school pass rate which was standing on 56% and it’s  now on 84%

Where do you envision your project to be in 3 years time?

We would like to have impacted over 13 school’s and be able to form a cohort with other existing organizations accross the country in sharing programs to run in schools and at the community level

In an ideal world, your project will achieve success if….?

If most school schools would do away with matric ball just a week before a preparatory exam period to avoid hearing the Minister of education giving unpleasant reports about number of pass rate accross the country.  It would the allow us as an organization expand and imapct more schools as possible. 

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