An Ideal Man – By MrSir Mpho

An Ideal Man

By: MrSir Mpho

As a man, I should reflect masculinity, right?
I am meant to protect and to provide.
I’m told that I am above the neck, I carry the mind,
And I should send all my emotions into exile.

“A man should do 1,2,3 – Be a man! Don’t be weak!”
A little bit of vulnerability questions my sexuality!
I can’t even risk being seen dropping a tear –
As if owning this gender means not being a human.

I am simply being programmed in society’s codes!
To never love too much, to never text with Emos.
I’m designed to spare a rod with no remorse shown,
I mean, if I’m bottling, then I’m bound to be cold.

Even in history books,
Men were hunters, women – cooks!
That means I’m genetically engineered
To go out, come back and put food on the table,
And all a woman should do is make it consumable.

Yes, today we only win when we’re financially strong.
But muscle composition still gets ladies lured.
It’s also a bit attractive when we show dominance!
I mean, would you rather marry a “Yes, ma’am”?

I asked women in my circle about “An Ideal Man.”
I swear, a robot is what most of them prefer.
“A man who opens a door for me, and closes it.”
“A man who drives me both in bed and on road trips.”

And none of them said anything about the man’s wellness.
But who cares? I mean, a happy wife is a happy husband.
However, I’m challenging this construct – both of us will matter!
I dare to be Your Man, not An Ideal Man who is just a matter!

Rationale: We are living in a world where the difference between being a man and being an ideal man is defined by women based on their benefits from manhood. I wrote a poem to remind ladies that I, as a man myself, should be the one to define what an ideal man is. The harmony of the two genders is vital for both our psychological make up, and therefore, I’m supporting my argument with the purpose of the poem – which is nothing but a request to my other half. The title of the poem is: “An Ideal Man.”


About the author:

Mpho (MrSir) Matlhabegoane is one of the A! Writers Hub writers. He uses writing as a tool for Mental Health Advocacy. He became an Activator in 2019. He was trained and mentored by SWITCH and NMM.

He is a Founder and Management Director of MSPT (Pty) Ltd – which focuses on simplifying mathematics for FET Learners and on book distribution in South Africa. He worked as an All Rounder at Brain Waves Development Org. – which focuses on STEMI Projects and competition. He has been a Marketing Manager at Uhunu Career G&L Org., which focuses on simplifying career paths for FET Learners, and used to work at Mpumalanga Technical College as a Mathematics facilitator.

He worked with several schools around South Africa on SGB Posts and Education Assistant Posts as a Mathematics facilitator as well as Extra Class Teacher through his Programme (MSPT) – such as Langlaagte Tegniese Hoerskool (Gauteng), Michael Modisakeng Secondary School (North West) and Seruane High School (Mpumalanga). He used to work as one of the Mathematics Tutors for SSIP Programme in Gauteng. He is a published author of four books, namely: The Story Of MrSir, Views and Emotions, Expanding The World Of Nerds, and featured in Poetry Lockdown, as of 2023.

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