Allegations of Fraudulent Appointment at Kagisano Molopo Local Municipality Raises Concerns – by Thatoyaone Moepetsane

Allegations of Fraudulent Appointment at Kagisano Molopo Local Municipality Raises Concerns.

By Thatoyaone Moepetsane

The recent appointment of the Municipal Manager at Kagisano Molopo Local Municipality has sparked controversy and concern among residents and officials alike.

It is common cause that there is pending litigation on the legal standing of the appointment of the current municipal manager to Kagisano Molopo Municipality (Mr Eric Gaborone), as instituted in the North West High Court under case number 602/2024 by one of the individuals who participated in the recruitment process as a candidate.

In the current court papers as Annexure TMB 7 and compiled by Gijima, provided in clause 4 thereof bearing the heading “Results Summary”, is that Mr. Gaborone’s competency level is “competent”. As per another Competency, Assessment Report included in the Applicant’s Founding Affidavit, entitled TMB 5 and equally compiled by Gijima on Mr Gaborone’s competency assessment, it provides under the “Results Summary” heading, that Mr Gaborone’s competency status is “basic”.

The appointment process has come under scrutiny after it was revealed that the appointed candidate failed the Senior Manager Assessment, with an overall achievement level of basic. This has raised serious questions about the transparency and integrity of the appointment process, especially when a more competent candidate was overlooked for the position.

The Municipal Manager plays a crucial role in the effective management and administration of the municipality, and the individual appointed to this position must possess the necessary skills, experience, and qualifications to lead effectively. The Senior Manager Assessment is designed to evaluate a candidate’s competency and suitability for senior management positions within municipalities, ensuring that only the most qualified individuals are appointed to such critical roles.

In this case, it is deeply concerning that a candidate who failed to meet the required competency level was appointed as the Municipal Manager. This raises serious doubts about the legitimacy of the appointment process and the motives behind the decision to overlook a more competent candidate. The failure to prioritize merit and competence in the appointment of senior officials undermines the credibility and effectiveness of the municipality’s leadership and governance.

The implications of such a fraudulent appointment are far-reaching, affecting not only the day-to-day operations of the municipality but also eroding public trust and confidence in the local government. Residents and stakeholders rightfully expect transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct in the appointment of municipal officials, and any deviation from these principles undermines the democratic process and the delivery of essential services to the community.

The relevant authorities must conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the appointment of the Municipal Manager at Kagisano Molopo Local Municipality. The integrity of the appointment process must be upheld, and any instances of fraud, corruption, or undue influence must be exposed and addressed with the utmost urgency.

Furthermore, steps must be taken to rectify the situation by ensuring that the most competent and qualified candidate is appointed to the position of Municipal Manager. The municipality’s leadership must prioritize merit-based appointments and adhere to the highest standards of governance and ethical conduct to restore public trust and confidence in the local government.

In conclusion, the fraudulent appointment of the Municipal Manager at Kagisano Molopo Local Municipality, despite failing the Senior Manager Assessment, is a grave concern that demands immediate action and accountability. Upholding the principles of transparency, integrity, and meritocracy in the appointment of municipal officials is essential to the effective and ethical governance of our communities. It is incumbent upon the relevant authorities to address this issue decisively and ensure that such irregularities do not compromise the municipality’s ability to serve its residents with excellence and integrity.


About the author:

Thatoyaone Moepetsane – born in the year 1992, born at Tlakgameng village, North West Province, started school at Seitsang Primary, active politician, started to be involved in the politics at the high school, still involved to date, author and social entrepreneur.

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