Activators standing up against violation of Human rights

By Nomvuyo Sebeko

Humans Rights day serves as a remembrance of the Sharpeville massacre which took place in 1960 where 69 people died while 289 sustained injuries including 29 children. It was declared a national holiday when the new democratic government took power and the parliament duty is to empower the people on the day. As we rap up our humans Rights month we get a chance to talk to two leaders who help fight for the violation of human rights in communities;

Lisa Silwana Activator Eastern Cape

“Education is a key to open many doors and it’s a basic human right no one has a right to take that away”

Lisa is a 22 years old founder of  an organisation called help a student, which is fighting for the basic educational rights of students coming from disadvantaged communities. The organisation’s goal is to see that government increases the pass rate of the learners because they feel like every leaner have a right to the best education which will help them gain access to the tertiary institution and build a career for themselves. She do acknowledge the fact that most student can’t reach the 30% pass rate which is already a low pass rate but she believes that it is due to the overcrowding of schools and not the lack of understanding from learners. Since she started working for the organisation in 2013 she has managed to help close to 8000 leaner through career exhibitions, training and pop-ups in the communities where some resources are scarce. Her future plans are to see the organisation growing and expanding and winning the fight for a higher pass rate which will give young people a chance to get tertiary education and a chance to get bursaries.

Mpho Nkutha Activator 2015 Free State

“Imagine a world where women did not need to have blessers to leave a good life”

Mpho is a 34 years old who is working as a volunteer on the organisation that is called soulcity institution, that deals with social injustice against women and young girls. The main goal of the organisation is to see that the human rights women in the community are not being violated and taken for granted. The organisation help the women who have gone through abuse by providing career guidance and motivating the on how they can be independent in their new journey. They also train young girls how to be better examples to the coming generation by being educated and having their own money without depending on anyone else. The aim is to see a community where women will leave their abusive situations freely without having fear of who will take care of them once they are on their own; their goal is to see young women who will not take abuse as a norm but runaway from such situations because they know their worth.

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