Activators sparkling as they grind

By Kay-Dee Mashile

VIDA Sparkle As You Grind is a Social Entrepreneurship Platform for aspiring entrepreneurs. The initiative was co-founded by two Activator Ladies, Palesa Mpho Tshabalala (Founder of Botle Ba One) and Nathacia Olivier (Founder of Indoni Beauty Range). With both Palesa and Nathacia being passionate about entrepreneurship and lifestyle, the initiative was in born in August 2017 from a realisation that a lot is yet to be done within the entrepreneurship space regarding the interactive financial backing of entrepreneurs during the idea, prototyping and developmental stages of their business ideas.

Palesa Tshabalala (Right), Nathacia Olivier (left)

At a later stage, Lerato Mokopanela was added to the Partnership as a Business Development Strategist whose main role is to grow the financial gain of the initiative.

Lerato Mokopanela at the A! Education Impact Summit (VIDA Sparkle Session)With the slogan ‘A Movement, A Networth, A Lifestyle’, VIDA Sparkle AS You Grind is social platform for entrepreneurs where the entrepreneur is groomed from the idea to the implementation phase of their business. The platform allows for the entrepreneur to acquire the necessary information and resources to thrive in their business venture in spite of the red tape that seals the business world. This is so that entrepreneurs can successfully build sustainable business ventures.

VIDA Spackle As You Grind hosts inspiration sessions where successful entrepreneurs are invited to share on their journeys with aspiring entrepreneurs. The sessions include a networking session where the up and coming entrepreneurs get to interact one on one with the panel. Panels have included legendary names such as Mam’Yvonne Kgampe and young business owners such as business partners Kagiso Tloubatla and Ayanda Masuku. While these accomplished names may seem intimidating for aspiring entrepreneurs, VIDA Sparkle As You Grind makes it a point to celebrate the milestones of each entrepreneur in order to track progress and motivate them to keep on growing.

The team has hosted three successful sessions so far, with over 40 entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in attendance. The aim is to extend these sessions to the rural areas where the information is needed most. At the latest VIDA Sparkle Session, which was hosted as part of the ACTIVATE! Education Impact Summit, five young entrepreneurs were each awarded with a branding package which included the designing of a logo, letterhead and email signature. One audience member also won a marketing package which included a website hosted free of charge for a year as well as an advert on the UBiz Connect App.

Do you want to Sparkle as YOU Grind? Get in touch with Palesa at 0798870332, Nathacia at 0732775299 and/or Lerato at 0825601486 and follow the social media pages @VIDASparkle on Twitter and VIDA Sparkle As You Grind on Facebook!

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