Activators reflect on the late Winnie Madikizela-Mandela’s life

By Lwazi Nongauza

‘’Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we live -’’ Norman Cousins

That is one of the most dominant famous quotes which appeared in many commiseration messages from dozens of international organisations to the news of Nomzamo Winnie Madikizela –Mandela’s death on the 2nd of April 2018.

Her untimely death sent shock-waves throughout the world. Activators throughout South Africa reflected and commemorated the life of the 81 year-old renowned leader.

Many inconsolable Activators saluted Madikizela – Mandela’s tireless fight against injustice until the end, siding with current youth struggles (like Fees  Must Fall), courage to speak truth to power at any given time, loyalty to truth, poorest of the poor, and most importantly lessons to be learned from her uncompromising ethical leadership stunts.

Surprisingly, most social change drivers used Frantz Fanon’s famous quote: “Each generation must, out of relative obscurity discover its mission, fulfil it or betray”  to best describe her impact on SA, the African continent and the world.

Western Cape based social change driver, Ayanda Cokoto described Winnie as a brave tenacious and absolutely fearless warrior.

“As young leaders of today, the struggle may not be the same but it surely continues. We need discipline and tenacity required to continue to fight for transformation and equality on all fronts. We right the wrongs of the past and offer transparent communication and love for our country and people regardless race, religion, culture and sexual orientation.’’

Eastern Cape based social change driver Lwando Fanana described Mama Winnie as one of the greatest and most tested individuals.

‘’She was liked for her strong loyal views to her people, that means something very profound and progressive about a person of her calibre. Her unorthodox or unscripted dismissal approach to finding the easy way out, luring agenda from her very own husband, comrades and close friends  will always go down as one of the major traits that most aspiring leaders must learn from her.’’

Kwazulu Natal based Activator, Nondumiso Diva Mthethwa said a lot can be learned from the late great Madikizela – Mandela who assumed multiple social and political roles.

‘’Some of the key lessons the current generation of leaders can learn from her is that ‘’women too can fight endlessly like men and therefore we need to realise that the struggle needs women too. Difficulties, pain and oppression never stopped her from fighting for what is right until her very last day on earth.’’

The Madikizela and Mandela families promised to release a joint formal statement on the funeral and funeral services once everything is finalised.

Photo credit: The Cable

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