Activators collaborate to restore the youth in Pretoria

By Lwazi Nongauza

‘’Whoever said that the graveyard is the richest place on earth was lying. Or let me put it this way, whoever said that surely had never met or mingled with Activators ’’

Those are the words of Pretoria based social change driver, Eric Mosoane. In an exclusive interview with ACTIVATE! Leadership, the founder of HRP revealed some of the reasons his young organisation, HRP has and is continuing to win a lot of hearts throughout Pretoria for the work it is doing. 

Formed in 2018, HRP uses its influence, strategic partners or stakeholders to empower other youth focused community projects and charity organisations. HRP does this through leadership, self-discovery and entrepreneurship seminars. 

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‘’Young people of the 21st century learn better from other young people or actually doing the work rather than forced outdated academic theory. It is exactly for that reason that one of the ways HRP imparts knowledge is through fun volunteer days and hackathons, ’’ says Mosoane as he was explaining the finer details of what his organisation actually does. 

According to Mosoane, the organisation is actually working with almost ten other Activator lead initiatives. It was started to inspire, empower and restore hope into people’s lives and help to discover their life purpose and most importantly to link the youth to ground-breaking opportunities that will transform their lives for good with the hope that they become good role models and an inspiration to the society.

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 “The best way to commemorate the 1976 youth is to keep their dreams in our minds and take the current youth struggle forward by starting initiatives that will ensure that we as a country catch up with the rest of the world. Therefore, as one of the enlightened young people in my community, I thought one of the best measures is to create community introspection platforms like the social entrepreneurship platform,’’ said Mosoane.

According to Mosoane, the Hope Restoration Programme has already positively impacted the lives of more than 100 young and old people. This and many achievements is one of many reasons the Hope Restoration Programme members keep on working hard despite a lack of resources and financial backing in most cases. 

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‘’I started this initiative to revive a “never give up” attitude in the current youth generation, so that the upcoming generations can look at our strides and realise that life is worth living despite the odds,’’ Mosoane emphasises.

HRP has a long list of educational empowerment projects for this coming festive season. One of those events include the hackathon that will take place on the 21st of November. 

According to Mosoane, Themba, Ndzimande and Nompumelelo Activators and community members who are interested in participating in this local youth initiative are welcome to donate their skills, networks, resources, finances and time. For logistics, you can contact the event organisers on their social media platforms.

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