Yolokazi Mfuto attends international conference in Ghana

When I first learned that I will be going to Ghana to attend the International Model UN conference in Accra from the 3rd -7th January, I was ecstatic! I knew God had answered my prayers and finally I was realising one of my goals. The experience in Ghana exceeded my expectations. Ghanaians are so friendly and kind to visitors, I will never forget their hospitality. I didn’t know that Africa was so rich with young minds eager to learn. The model UN conference is aimed at helping the youth understand and emulate the work of the United Nations so that we find a better way of discussing critical issues without violence or rage.

The conference was separated into committees which are entities of the UN. The committee I was part of is the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the topic we were discussing is: “Agri-business and rural entrepreneurship in eradicating poverty.” Over 20 delegates formed part of my committee where we discussed, debated and came out with resolutions that can be implemented throughout the world. Some of the discussions were based on empowering small holder farmers; how to deal with drought; educating the youth about the importance of agriculture and helping those who live in rural areas cultivate their lands.

I thought representing the country of Netherlands whilst coming from South Africa would be daunting, however I found it to be more educational. After this experience, I’m more knowledgeable about what is happening in Western Europe and what we can learn from them as a country. At the General Assembly, all 193 countries of the UN were represented including my beloved South Africa, however I was saddened when I found out that we were only two from South Africa. I hope next time there will be a big group to attend this prestigious conference.

My dream is to have a Model UN conference here in South Africa. I believe we also have the potential to host conferences of this caliber where delegates will be equally honored to attend. One thing I would love to let my fellow South Africans know is that: “It always seem impossible until it’s done.” So never stop dreaming but pause and wake up to pursue your dreams so that you can sleep better at night- It is all doable, let’s just believe.

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