Activator Vows to lead Limpopo youth to the promise land

By Lwazi Nongauza

‘’Promise land’’ is where the 2018 Activator Fhatuwani Raliphaswa is set to lead Limpopo youth during the community stock-taking summit at Sibasa Village, situated a few kilometres outside of Polokwane, on the 30th of June 2018.

In a bid to eradicate some of the current youth social ills, Activator and Farisanani Community Development Foundation founder,  Raliphaswa together with local government officials, business sector key captains and civil society stakeholders are set to use the relevance of Youth Month to launch a platform called “Youth with a Mission”. The platform seeks to empower young people who are pursing community and youth development through a sustainable skills transfer development programme.

The inaugural event is set to link the youth of Sibasa Ngovhela and Phiphidi nearby villages to ground-breaking opportunities that will transform their lives for good.

According to Raliphaswa, the event will not just link the youth to ground-breaking opportunities that will transform their lives for good but will also create unifying social ills advocacy strategies that judiciary, law enforcement institutions, rehabilitation practitioners and community residence can employ to keep peace and order in their communities. The social entrepreneur and social change driver founder explains what prompted staging the event during Youth Month:

“The best way to commemorate the progressive 1976 youth generation is to keep their dreams in our minds and take the current youth struggle forward by starting initiatives that will ensure that we as the country catch up with the rest of the world. Therefore, as one of the enlightened young people in my community, I thought one of the best progressive measures is to create community introspection platforms like the social entrepreneurship platforms like these.’’ said Raliphaswa.

‘’I started this initiative to ensure that my people’s dream for prosperous youths in Sibasa Village is not just restored but it does so in peace and harmony. Most importantly, I hope this initiative will revive a “never give up” attitude in the current youth generation, so that the upcoming generations can look at our strides and realize that life is worth a meaningful living despite all odds.’’ Raliphaswa emphasizes.

The event host said all activators and community members who are interested in participating in this local youth vision renewal initiative are welcomed to donate their skills, networks, resources, finances and time.

For logistics, you can contact the event organizers on their social media platforms or email Fhatuwani at




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