The Social Entrepreneurship Incubator Model

Activator Thabang has been hosting a few idea sessions in Joburg. At the beginning of the month he held a Dragons’ Den/ ideas festival. He explains how the session was structured and what the outcomes were.

On the 8th of June, Ulwazi Resource organized The Dragons’ Den/ideas festival, a space where Activators presented projects they had come up with and thorough scrutiny and critic – Judges selected the winning and runner-up projects for the day.Dragons’

Den/Ideas Festival: is a space where the selected projects are presented to a panel of judges (comprising of well-esteemed personnel from various industries and professions) and after thorough scrutiny and critic – judges will select the winning and other runner-up projects for the day.

As the projects are presented, the judges not only offered critic and feedback – but also provided feasible follow-up support to the relevant project, this included linkage with other partners in the similar industry, organized and sponsored business training, and any other resources that will see to it that the projects are escalated.

13 Activators and 2 project teams presented their projects on the day, their projects comprised of:   

  • Environment management   
  • Feeding Schemes at Basic Education  
  • Possible improvements to SA Education System 
  • Responding to dangers/ accidents resulting from lit candles
  • Society view of youth development as part of overall community development      
  • Unemployment amongst graduates   
  • Wide gap of inequality in the distribution of education tools and resources 

The prizes included

  • Business simulation for all the projects with Business Education Design at the value of 40000 for a one day workshop  
  • An opportunity to attend an Youth in Entrepreneurship Camp month end
  • Kellogg Sponsored Gifts 
  • Regenesys Business School Founder books and give away’s 
  • Mentorship with the Gauteng Enterprise Propeller  
  • Wits Business School access to research and resources

Thabang hopes to host these sessions throughout the country. To get hold of Thabang you can email him or Tweet him @ThabangMabuza

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