Agape Youth Movement

Activator Noko talks about the organisation he started with a group of people. Agape Youth MovementAgape Youth Movement (AYM) was established by a small group of eight young people in a Gauteng township called Soshanguve which is located in the northern side of Pretoria the capital city of the Republic of South Africa.

AYM was officially launched on the 24th of September 2010 at a park in Soshanguve Block TT. The organisation’s launch drew the attention of a large number of young people around the community. The purpose of the launch was to share a mammoth vision which grew to greater heights and also to impact the lives of both young and elderly people around South Africa. AYM considers itself as an agent of positive change. 

The organisation has now has over 21 members who are all young people based in Soshanguve. 

AYM is undergoing a long term project called Science Labs Project which is aimed at raising funds to build two state of the art science laboratories worth R1.1 Million that will benefit 5 schools around Soshanguve. Some of the projects we are doing include drug awareness campaigns, workshops for young people, and agricultural projects. 

To get more information about AYM you can go to their Facebook Page or email

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