Zikisa Honoured For Public Speaking

The Junior Chamber International (JCI) South Africa, held a National Convention in the first weekend of October under the theme, “Creating Sustainable Social Impact.” JCI is a global organisation with a vision to be the leading global network of young active citizens by providing development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

The convention brought inspirational speakers and JCI members from around the country together. Delegates from Mauritius and Kenya were also present to discuss the role of JCI members in achieving the 17 global goals for sustainable development.

Zikisa was given the opportunity to participate in the public speaking competition by the JCI team in Cape Town. The topic that Zikisa covered was “Peace is possible.” Given only a minimum of 5 minutes but not more than 7 minutes to deliver a compelling speech, Zikisa won the competition and was awarded Best Public Speaker in the JCI South Africa 2016 National Convention. “We were given the topic a week in advance to prepare. It took me three days to interrogate the topic, to gather my thoughts and understand the topic in depth.

After I had collected all the information, I spent only a day drafting, editing, finalising and rehearsing my speech,” said Zikisa.

The award and the recognition that accompanies it means that Zikisa will represent JCI South Africa, alongside 60 other countries, in the Public Speaking Competition at the Africa Middle East Conference set to be held in Tunisia, May 2017. The judges of the day were selected from the national executive committee and the local presidents.

Peace is Possible by Zikisa Mbaza

“World Peace – a state where human beings have learned to co-exist, where we see each other through the lenses of humanity and the rights of others are respected.”

“Imagine a peaceful world with a free flow of information. A world with low levels of corruption and a well-functioning government. Equitable distribution of resources and sound business environment. But most importantly, imagine of a peaceful world where humanity is priority! Ubuntu!”

“Critical questions may be asked – Is America and Russia willing to cease the rivalry? Are the colonisers willing decolonize the colonised? Will white supremacy and black inferiority be something of the past? Will there be no clash of civilization as a result of cultural and religious identities? Are we ready to compromise our values, beliefs and principles for the sake of world peace? Will we ever get over apartheid because when we are racial conflict stricken, we still chant “nithi asixole kanjani amabhulu abulal’uChris Hani?

“There are so much of hindrances threatening the possibility of our intended world peace. By pessimists, world peace is deemed to be impossible, to be very far in the horizon and only if it is in the horizon anyway. Therefore we have a responsibility (as social agents) to educate and counter such pessimism. Let our every conversation be about how we execute peace within ourselves, societies, the nation and the world at its entirety. However, our attempts will be in vain if the importance of world peace is unknown.”

“Why do we even advocate for world PEACE?”

“Human beings were created to love each other, not to hate each other. Hatred is just a condition. We need each other as human beings, therefore, we must be peaceful with each other in order for us to be fulfilled with each other.”

“Understanding each other’s values and principles so that we can then take pride in our own principles and values and when we understand them, we will then live in a peaceful society.”

“Like a forest that is within a seed, so is world peace within you.”

“Thank You!”

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