Activator Sindisa Qeqe building Sisterhood Heroines in De Aar.

Wherever she is present, 2018 Activator Sindisa Qeqe is not only heard but felt. With a survival story that she uses to empower other women. On the 4th of August, she hosted an info expo for local learners and had fellow 2018 Activator, Neo Mogoje, there to represent the A! network.

Activators Sindisa and Neo handing out A! goodie bags.

“The aim of the event,” Sindisa says, “was to expose matriculants to information. Because while some of them know about different government departments, they don’t have an idea of what the departments produce in terms of educational and career fields.”

Sindisa’s concern is that some school kids are forced to reject their skills if the skills are seen as non-profitable, and that is why, she reckons, organisations like Activate! exist – to provoke a true leader in a person at a very early age.

As a young leader herself, Sindisa is living proof that there is more to a young person than what meets the eye. The challenges she has overcome give her a right to stand in front of other people to motivate them to become the best version of themselves. She says that she sees herself as a great example to talk about the saying that says “You can’t talk of a wheelchair when you were never in one,” because she has the same reality as the young people she seeks to empower.

On being an Activator, she notes that the Journey of being an Activator is inspirational. “We are to led and are made leaders by the leaders that we are taking along with us in this journey,” were her exact words.

It is the small drops in the ocean that create ripples of change!

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