Activator Penester Tjale’s super power is love

Name: Sehlorana Penester Tjale

Province: Gauteng

Facebook: MamaGaopalelwe Tjale

What is the essence of being a woman to you?

Being a woman means encouraging, empowering and showing love in abundance to everyone

What is your super power?


What words would you use to describe yourself?

Kind, welcoming and humble

Do you relate to Women’s Month? If yes, why is it significant to you? If no, why is it not significant to you?

Yes, it’s about celebrating who we are as women and what we can do in our communities.

  • They say behind every man is a strong woman, is this a statement you relate to?


  • How do you think society perceives women?

Society perceives women as weak and vulnerable. Which is not true.

  • How are you #CommittedToChange in your role as a woman?

I am empowering young women in my community and encouraging them to follow the scientific route.

  • What do you think the role of women is in developing the country?

Women’s role is of utmost importance in developing our country as I believe we give birth to the nation, nurture it and let it grow into the best it can be, with a woman’s guidance of course.

In a world that favours men, how are you fulfilling your role as a woman?

I have to admit it is quite difficult to fulfill my role, because not only am I overlooked due to the fact that I am a woman and I am black and I am also told that I cannot do certain things as they require a man’s strength. Therefore it means I have to work extra hard to prove my capabilities.

  • In your words, what would South Africa look like if it had a female president?

It would be a much better country in a sense that women would be prioritised and empowering them would be one of the most important aspects. It would also encourage young women to believe that it is possible to become a leader in this man’s world.

  • Given what you know now, what advice would you give to your younger self?

I would advise my younger self to be patient and study further.

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