Activator Khangwelo Mulovhedzi’s super power is strength

Name: Khangwelo Mulovhedzi


Facebook:Glam Kay

Twitter handle:

Instagram: khangwelomulovhedzi 

What is the essence of being a woman to you?

Being able to give birth and raise a leader means that I am a leader by nature. I should stand still and be strong and shield all my beliefs and my value. With hope to be groomed by people who know leadership skills.

What is your super power?

Standing strong even if there are storms in my way. Sometimes I fall but I’m able to dust  myself off and continue

What words would you use to describe yourself?

Goal oriented and courageous

Do you relate to Women’s Month? If yes, why is it significant to you? If no, why is it not significant to you?

Yes….. Because back then there were woman who were prepared to take on action in the struggle and I believe that I can also be that woman who is not afraid of change

They say behind every man is a strong woman, is this a statement you relate to?

Yes because if there were no women, there was not going to be motivation and someone who channels the behaviour.

How do you think society perceives women?

As some weak creature that needs protection and shielding from men. Of which I strongly disagree.

How are you #CommittedToChange in your role as a woman?

I have passion and charisma inside me that makes me yearn to be groomed by the female leaders and be able to be a well-rounded finished product. To advocate on behalf of woman

What do you think the role of women is in developing the country?

Be that person who is fearless of change. Who can stand her ground without leaning on a man? But rather seek advice were necessary

In a world that favours men, how are you fulfilling your role as a woman?

Empowering other females that they can be better and not be side-lined. They should stand up and raise their voices.

In your words, what would South Africa look like if it had a female president?

Colourful, just like its national flag. Because I wouldn’t just document ideas but rather focus on the implementation part of it.

Given what you know now, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Be passionate and dedicated to instill change in people.



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