Activator Karabo answers the call for help after the Khayelitsha fire

By Lwazi Nongauza

Cape Town-based Activator, Karabo Monatisi, is leading a humanitarian campaign that seeks to help dozens of injured people who have lost their loved ones and personal belongs during a blazing fire that destroyed more than 500 homes in Khayelitsha and Phillipi on the Cape Flats.

According to media reports, the weekend fire disaster has left approximately 1800 residents homeless, 124 people injured, three confirmed deaths and undisclosed estimated figures in personal damages, which is believed could amount to thousands.

Karabo and his team (Team Karabo) have already set up a massive intervention programme for the affected residents. Team Karabo is collecting non-perishable food parcels, reusable clothes and drinkable water.

Together with the South African Department of Home Affairs and Provincial Health Department, Team Karabo is scheduled to facilitate the issuing of Identity Documents and birth certificates and sourcing mobile clinics for the destitute residents.

Besides lending a helping hand, Team Karabo is also calling for those closer to the situation, to let them know what other assistance is needed as they work on the information received.

‘Call for collaboration’

Manatisi believes all citizens of the world (regardless of their geographical locations) are duty bound to intervene in the Khayelitsha and Phillipi fire disaster. Manatisi bases his argument from high moral premise that is outlined by some of the world’s guiding documents,

“We are fully aware that Team Karabo’s intervention might be seen by many as just one of those isolated goodwill initiatives that lack continuity and vision. Thus, I want to quickly address that by saying, what we are trying to do is beyond our conscious and intellectual sympathy support. What we do is actually informed by United Nations Sustainable Goal number 3 (Good health and well-being” said Karabo.

‘Government Intervention’

According to media reports, Western Cape MEC for Human Settlements Bonginkosi Madikizela promised the affected Khayelitsha and Phillipi residents that City of Cape Town will soon implement its long-term plan for the two areas.

“We need to deal with a resettlement plan and a long-term basis. My view is that we clear up the site and allow them to return and rebuild their shacks in such a way that basic services can be provided.

Manatisi and his team are expected to announce detailed logistics on where and how donations and relief materials will be dropped off and distributed.

For more information, contact Karabo at +27 73 154 5814.

Photo Cred: GroundUp 

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