Activator explains his collaborative secrets

By Lwazi Nongauza

But collaboration is about much more than a tool for reaching business goals or personal goals. Collaboration is about compassion, love, support, kindness, and the power that we gain when we share with each other and lean on each other

This famous quote by Jacqueline Walker best describes Xolane Ngobozana’s decisive attitude towards anything he does. The Gauteng based social change driver has led dozens of nation building Activator collaborative projects like donating school bags, the National Reading Coalition, and the 21 Poems of Encouragement for 21 Days of Lockdown initiative.

In an exclusive interview with ACTIVATE! Leadership, Ngobozana said the 21 Poems of Encouragement for 21 Days of Lockdown project was initially meant to be a fun artistic tool (spoken word) by Activators to educate South Africans about Covid-19 but it exceeded his expectations. 

“The initiative collaborated with poets from all over South Africa which really went a long way in making the project successful. It was inspirational, it was a teaching moment, it was motivation, it was to make people strong during this difficult time in our world,” says Ngobozana.

‘’Being part of the driving force behind 21 Poems of Encouragement for 21 Days of Lockdown was one of the fulfilling moments of my life. Leading Activators and South African young people who helped our country to better understand the deadly Coronavirus, spread the social distancing protocols and assist the most vulnerable through art was incredibly rewarding,” he concluded.

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Through his company, Nomase Media and Advertising, he together with dozens of Activators across the country are running a five year old education empowerment project called Donate A School Bag Campaign. The project was and is still intended for learners from  disadvantaged backgrounds by donating school bags, sanitary towels, food and clothes to learners and families. 

“The Department of Education ensures that the youth receive quality education. However, there are many factors that are disrupting the system. My vision for the National Donate a School Bag Campaign goes beyond just providing school bags and stationery to learners. The campaign is a transformational movement with an ultimate goal to secure the future of our country. It is important to ensure that our future leaders are armed with education and the right skills in order to reshape South Africa.”

While talking about his secret to success during a very challenging 2020, Ngobozana said his willingness to explore unconventional solutions, the power of ACTIVATE! Network! and unwavering support from his family are some of the key things that positively influenced all his collaborative projects. He also pleaded with other social change drivers to consider using technology to reach out to the world when they need help.  

Besides running those thriving, some of Ngobozana’s accomplishments include speaking at TEDx stage in Pretoria, one of Mail & Guardian’s most influential young people of 2020, being selected by the National Youth Development Agency as one of 100 South African shining stars and receiving a Business on the Move title at the Ekurhuleni Mayor’s Awards. 

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