Activator Ashraf Kenny cycles for life

By Kay-Dee Mashile

2013 Activator, Ashraf Kenny, and 21 friends from the Islamic Relief Worldwide are embarking on a 200 kilometer cycling journey in Andalusia, Spain, from the 17th to the 20th of January 2018. The cycle challenge is aimed at raising awareness and funds for an Islamic Relief project that will produce and provide safe drinking water for Bladje, Siraman, Komitan and Tamala villages in Mali, West Africa. The team aims to raise at least R50 000.00 which will provide an approximated 4800 people with safe drinking water. Why Mali? The situation in these four villages is beyond desperate. Having never had a working water supply; the residents are exposed to drinking water from rivers that are a long walk away from home. These are the same rivers where they also go to wash and do their laundry. It is of dire importance that help should come now! While this is the reality in many countries across the world, the ripples of change have to start with a single droplet. This could just be the wake-up call someone else needed to get up and do what they can to assist the many other nations dealing with water scarcity.

Although this is Ashraf’s first time taking part in a challenge this big, he notes that he has always had a passion for community development which was one of the reasons why he responded to the Sunday Times newspaper ad which was the beginning of  his ACTIVATE! Journey five years ago. The same passion has also led him towards a career at Islamic Relief Worldwide – which is the largest Islamic NGO in the world – where he is currently based at the local branch in South Africa. It is through Islamic Relief Worldwide that Ashraf and his colleagues from various branches across the globe, as well as a few brave volunteers, embarked on this exciting venture. While this is yet another item to tick off the bucket list for some of the team members; having had never taken part in a challenge of such magnitude as Islamic Relief South Africa, Ashraf and his friends are not only going to be changing lives, but they are also going to be making history while they’re at it!

While the cycling journey through the mountainous terrain in the cold Spanish winter may have a few challenges to overcome, the team is encouraged by the possibility of bringing an end to the suffering of 4800 people (or more!); this, of course, being the main reason for the challenge. To support Ashraf in this initiative, you can do one of four things (yes, you’ve got options!):

  1. Click on this crowd funding link to make your financial contribution:
  2. Deposit or transfer your contribution into the Islamic Relief South Africa bank account. Account Details are as follows:
  • Account Holder: Islamic Relief SA
  • Bank: Standard Bank
  • Account Number: 005318459
  • Branch: Fordsburg Branch
  • Branch Code: 005205
  • Reference: Ashraf & Contct Number (e.g. Ashraf 0712345678)
  1. Visit the Islamic Relief South Africa offices at 396 Imam Haron Road, Lansdowne, Cape Town. Please indicate that you are donation towards Ashraf’s Cycle for Life.
  2. Share this information with everyone within your network (all friends, family and fools) and encourage them to donate towards the initiative.

Donations can be to whatever value you can afford and can be made until the 10th of February 2018.

Follow Ashraf Kenny on Facebook and Twitter to follow the journey and do drop him a few encouraging messages as he and the team take on the challenge.

ACTIVATE! Change Drivers wishes Ashraf and the team all the best with this great project and look forward to its successful outcome! It’s never too early to be #CommittedToChange!


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