Activating the employment industry

With a network of 2000+ young leaders one should ask how we can help each other especially in this era of unemployment. In this workers month we take a look at ways in which Activators can employ each other whether in their organisation or by using each other’s services.

Lets meet:

Nathacia Olivier – Activator 2013, Gauteng

I believe in empowering one another as a network and growing together. I have worked with a lot of Activators in small projects and big ones. I am currently running a company called Indoni that sells natural beauty products and I am working with two Activators in my company and hoping to work with more Activators in future. As Activators we should employ each other if we really want our network to be strong and grow. We are Activators let’s ACTIVATE employment as well.

Vanessa Van Wyk – Activator 2016, Northern Cape

Being new to Activate I have realised that we have so much potential but less collaboration. In the Northern Province we have few Activators especially from the Namaqua region and that makes it hard to connect with other Activators and share opportunities. In my mind, employing an Activator would be a great thing and it will show that you trust your fellow leader or colleague. ACTIVATE is about networking and employment can be gained in this network.

Bheki Mabuya – Activator 2015, Free State

I think the quality of relationships is the biggest way to work together and also being willing to share opportunities and not keep them to yourself. As Activators we can employ each other as employer/employee or we can offer each other our services since we are part of the network that has bright and talented young people. I have had the privilege of working with Phephisile Mathizerd Activator 2016 from Gauteng. I was an MC on the event she recently had and we promised to have a partnership where I would offer my services to her future events. We must not look at being employed but also look at partnering with each other in order to help each other earn salaries.

Lekau Johannes Phoshoko – Activator 2016, Limpopo

The purpose of the network is to connect and share our talents and be able to assist each other. I believe that through the network we cannot just employ each other but we can build empires that would employ every young person with skills and qualification to perform the tasks given. As a person who is interested in the outdoors I have partnered with Activators who share the same interest as me. We are working on opening our very own company for team building, outdoor tourism and facilitation for schools, churches and corporates.

Lusanda Phoswa – Activator 2015, Eastern Cape

I believe that as Activators we can employ each other if there is a need for a specific skill that a certain Activator has. With all the great ideas, Activators are capable of being more than employees; a great partnership can develop too. Through ACTIVATE! I have managed to partner with a fellow Activators to open a coffee shop in our area and we are currently waiting for funding and once funding is finalised we will also employ Activators.

Nolwazi Ntshingila – Activator 2013, KZN

It is without doubt that we as the network should employ each other and if we can’t we can always use each other’s services because that’s what the network is about. I own an events company called Icebo Nothando and the company’s programme director is an Activator Mandy Chilli and the art work is done by 2012 Activator Zuko Mata, I also outsource some of the services using Activators such as Lokishi Martin and others. So I can simply say yes we can employ each other and we can do that by asking in the social media group who does what and where.

Sesanel Fakude – 2016 Activator, Mpumalanga

I have not teamed up or worked with any Activator because we are 100 or more kilometres a part since I stay in Carolina. I believe that Activators can employ each other because we have the skills and ability to change each department we are put into. The fact that you will be working with like-minded individuals means that production will be on its highest peak. The ACTIVATE! programme teaches us to be team players and to push ourselves beyond limits and having such a person in your company would be a great Idea.

Boitumelo Seema – 2015 Activator, North West

I haven’t worked with any Activator as yet but I’m planning to partner with a few Activators who have facilitation skills on the project I’m currently busy with. As Activators we can employ each other and even partner with each other because we have the same ability to push ourselves beyond measure.

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