Activating Activators in marginalised rural spaces

Province: Eastern Cape

Facebook: Muzi Nduku

Twitter handle:@NdukuMuzi

Instagram: N/A 

Contact details: 0787489538/

Project name: Vuyisile Development Centre

Activator involved: Muzi Nduku

Members involved in the project?

Chris Harrison and Sinolwethu Naledi Hlebo

Sum up your project in five words?

Service Leadership, information, skills, development, innovation

When was the project started?


Who started the project?

Muzi Nduku and Sinolwethu Naledi Hlebo

What motivated the initiation of the project?

Reasons for establishing this youth Centre stems from my background experience growing up. I am a multi-facet creative individual that is passionate about youth development. However, growing up in a disadvantage village, I did not have the right facilities, Centre to horn and harness all my skills, hence the need, the desire and passion to establish this multi-purpose Centre. I have been proactively involved in peer education and social development youth camps (both provincially and nationally). This has inspired me to plough back to my community.

What is the objective/mission of the project?

  • To serve the community through many functional activities, thus contribute to the nation building of our community for generations to come. 
  • To facilitate for people to have access to information.
  • Organise awareness campaigns, career exhibitions, motivation and leadership training youth camps.
  • Discuss social predicaments that affect our community and society at large, come up with solutions to resolve them.
  • Create a culture of Ubuntu embedded on strong cultural values which will conscioutise ethical behaviour.
  • To have a conducive environment whereby a spirit of development, independence and entrepreneurship is cultivated.
  • To challenge government, private sectors and other entities to practise good corporate citizenship.
  • Ensure an active sustainable community whereby people work and not sit on their laurels; rather they make an effort not excuses.
  • To be the light and hope of our community.

Why is this project needed in your community?

In the words of Yugo ‘good leaders are made’. In the constantly developing modern society, more than ever, development is of critical paramount. The world is speedily and accelerating becoming one big global melting pot. And in the short period since the advent of democracy our country has and continues to make tremendous strides. Creating a Constitutional democracy and embedding the structures of the state. Government programs focusing on reconstruction and development have borne fruit, and our democracy is maturing. In meeting the government half way, not sitting on our laurels and being despondent, but rather being agents of change in our society, we see a crucial need in our community for the development of a multi-purpose centre, that will not only aid change, open doors, chaperone, contribute towards the employment rate, but will also, put on par the generation of this village (and the many generations to come) with the rest of the world, because of the availability of resources and information, adequate facilities and structures that will be put in place through the birth of this multi-purpose centre.

Vuyisile Village is a small village in the deep rural Eastern Cape consisting of kind proud indigenous Phondo people. On the 16th year of the country’s young democracy, our village received electricity for the very first time. We know that the government does contribute however; there is still a long way to go. We do understand the enormous responsibility and pressure that is on the governments shoulder, because not all can receive the same kind of treatment; resources; development and care at the same time. Each community has its different needs and challenges. South Africa is dual- society, where unfortunately the rural areas are often left behind in terms of development. There is a huge gap between urban and rural society.  In bridging the gap and divides between the two clashes in our society, where often the rural areas are in a constantly ‘’catch-up late bloomer struggle’’, particularly when it comes to infrastructure and technology. Through the sustainable development of this multi-purpose centre, we seek to close the gap, thus, ultimately the ‘catch-up late bloomer struggle’ is alleviated.

 Who have you assisted through this project? What does this assistance look like?

Chris Harris has had an incredible contribution in this project and has been at the forefront since the birth of this idea. We drafted the concept down and he edited and formalised everything. Not forgetting his input and the ideas he assisted us with. We are eternally grateful  

Do you think your project encourages leadership? In what way?

The function of this multi-purpose Centre is to serve the community through many functional activities. Due to the advancement of technology in our modern society, it is imperative that every individual is inclined with the use of the advancements of technology. Unfortunately, my village is still without any access use of technology. Through the birth of this Multi-purpose Centre, it will facilitate for people to have access to information.  As this will be a multi-purpose Centre, we want it to be open to junior and high school learners to use for study purposes, learn important study skills and have access to information. The Centre will organize awareness campaigns, career exhibitions and motivations going on all year round. There will also be drama and debating sessions which will include discussions about the social predicaments that affect our society, and coming up will solutions to resolve them.  It is important that the youth is chaperoned with the adequate skills for leadership development, hence leadership training and youth camps will be done through this establishment. Sports, plays a crucial and intricate role in uniting people, keeping people occupied, fit physically and mentally healthy. Outdoor gyms and sports facilities at the multi-purpose Centre will adhere to this. In our village, there is still no pre-school, the building and premises which were appointed for it are in a dilapidated state. Through the establishment of the multi-purpose Centre, a pre-school will be opened, to occupy the Centre throughout the day, whilst the junior and high school learners are at school. Kids at the pre-school will be advantageous because of the adequate facilities in the Centre which will be catered to them.  I feel this facility is important because of the sustainable role it will play in benefitting the community and development at large.

The desired results are:

  • An informed community and united 
  • An inspired community. 
  • An active community. 
  • Excited people about their future. 
  • An adequately equipped people with skills for the world.

Inevitably leadership is encouraged.

Do you require funding/sponsorship for this project to be a success?

Yes. No man is an island on themselves. We need all the assistance we can get from different entities such as the government, private sector and the community at large in making this dream a reality.

Name some of the challenges you face?

Getting people to believe in the idea as it seems like an absurd dream from villagers who are dreaming to big and concerning themselves with the governments work instead of going to find employment just like other people. Getting the land and the title deed has been a mission as the space has been sort after by many people. It has not been easy to secure any funding at the moment and we need the funds to get the project running.

Name some of the successes?

Getting the title deed. Completing: the constitution, business plan, and successfully registering the NGO

Where do you envision your project to be in 3 years’ time?

In 2019 September have the building structure completed and have the first few offices and activities up and running.

In an ideal world, your project will achieve success if….?

A completed state of the art, world class, multi-purpose centre fully functioning and serving the Vuyisile Village and surrounding villages and my home town at large.

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