ACTIVATE! Youth Month Poetry Competition

Are you an Activator poet with an opinion on the state of the youth? Check out the brief below and write and/or record a poem under the theme #Empowered2Empower, however, you can come up with your own title.

Looking at current affairs and the prominent issues affecting the youth, what are your thoughts around solutions to unemployment, tuition fees, lack of support for entrepreneurs, etc. Do you have an interesting opinion on current happenings in the country? How is the youth of today building a better future for the youth of 2030?

How has the youth of ’76 and previous generations empowered the youth of today? Have they? If so, how? What examples can you find? For example, the Soweto Uprising birthed the #FeesMustFall movement. (Be creative and provocative!)

Please send your poem to and/or no later than the 7th of June and stand a chance to win one of three Activator Product Hampers. Winners to be announced during the last week of June on TWRU and other A! Social Media Platforms.
The competition closes at 16:00 on Friday the 7th. Hurry up and send us your poem! 

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