ACTIVATE! Change Drivers Programme – A Tool To Address Societal Issues

By Tebogo Lesoro

In a South African economic system that is unpredictable, and unemployment rate soaring at 31.5%, many young people find themselves misplaced, disgruntled and demotivated. The youth of South Africa find themselves in a situation were opportunities are limited. Amongst the very few limited opportunities, their opinions and skills are rendered useless as there’s no space to cater for them.

ACTIVATE! with its ACD Programme has presented young people with a leap of hope. The leadership programme seeks to change the narrative by challenging young people to take matters in their own hands through building a better society which creates opportunities that seek to address many of the socio-economic issues. As a young person, I see ACTIVATE! as vehicle that seeks to restore hope, independence and a new culture of creative-thinking in order to solve societal problems.

My name is Tebogo Edwin Lesoro – an Activator from 2019. I am a journalist and PR and Communication Practitioner. In 2016, I started an online news publication called NETWORK LIVE NEWS, and its objectives are to be a mouthpiece for ordinary citizens; to give people from rural areas, townships and semi-urban areas a voice to raise and tell their own stories. Before joining ACTIVATE!, I was more involved in youth development empowerment projects where I largely focused on leadership and entrepreneurship. I volunteered in a organization called SAGE South Africa, where I got an opportunity to mentor teenagers by introducing them to entrepreneurship through development of business ideas and an establishment of businesses. My passion for leadership made me join ACTIVATE! as its a program that seeks to groom, develop, and allow young people to participate in spaces of key state institutions.

I must say I have learned a lot  from the programme and am now applying in a civil organization (Centre for Good Governance). The organization focuses on governance in state institutions, and its objective is to hold state institutions accountable for its affairs. My role in the organization is that of a researcher and a communicator. With the leadership, organizational management and problem solving skills learned from the ACTIVATE!, I intend to contribute immensely in the Centre For Good Governance to hold state institutions accountable and advocate for good leadership and clean governance.


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