ACTIVATE! takes action for 2014

The Innovation Showcase was more than just a gathering of 350 Activators from across the country. It was also an opportunity to plan a course of tangible action around pertinent issues that the network can put its weight behind for this year. So, Activators each had time to discuss, plot and work around 7 areas of concern to come up with campaigns and initiatives.

Here’s the breakdown of the campaigns in no particular order: 

  1. Preserving our environmental issue: this group of Activators proposes that national expos must be co-ordinated throughout the year around four themes: re-purpose, re-use, recycle and reduce. Watch their campaign video here.
  2.  Redefining South African history, redefining a collective AfriKan identity. The action: when filling in forms, Activators are encouraged to not choose black, white, coloured rather to add ‘Afrikan”. #iamafrikan is the hashtag to use and follow to support this campaign. They also have a Facebook Page which provides more information about their campaign. At an appointed date and time, all Activators are asked to please help by sending ‘please call me’s to Mac Maharaj’ with the words ‘I am Afrikan’. Please click here to read our facilitators’ perspective on this group’s discussion. Watch their campaign video here.
  3.  Gender and sexuality to highlight the brutal violation many South Africans face because of their gender and/or sexual orientation. The campaign will be in 3 phases: 1. Print t-shirts with #justbecause I am gay/lesbian doesn’t mean….2. Go into malls and do freeze mobs. Co-ordinated across provinces by Activators 3. YouTube video montages. First freeze mob will happen on 01 March 2013. Please email
  4.  Education – focusing on schools and restoring pride in the physical facilities where learning takes place – on 16 June 2014, Activators across the country will arrange to clean up, plant and brighten up schools in an effort to restore pride in our schools.  Watch their campaign video here.
  5.  The A! campaign is about Accountability and Action. Its main aim is to inspire young people to challenge the status quo under the theme “I have power”. One of their first actions will be a sit in outside parliament on the opening day of parliament (13 February). As well as placing Activators at voting stations to encourage young people to understand the power of their vote.
    “I have power, you have power, we have power”; “My vote is my power”; “Know your councillor”; “Imagine a country where your vote is an employment contract”; “Nothing for us without us” – These are some of the statements that echo the sentiments of the A! campaign. Watch their campaign video here
  6.  The ACTIVATE! fund: Activators are creating fund that will help them finance each others’ social initiatives. The aim is to raise R100 000 by the next showcase. Watch their campaign video here.
  7. Substance abuse – fun without drugs. Youth need to say I am fine without drugs. They must challenge and change the status quo. Activators are encouraged to live by this motto and pass it on in their projects. Watch their campaign video here.

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