Activate! Newsletter April 2012 Volume 1

To all Activators around South Africa,

We are very proud that over the last three months 220 Activators have been trained in Module 1. As the class of 2012, we have been blown away by the maturity, passion, participation, teamwork, empathy, drive, compassion, wisdom and potential of this very diverse and talented Activator group. Activators came from all over South Africa representing every province with many coming in from deep rural communities.

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Activate! Newsletter June 2012 Volume 2

Once again it is with a warm heart that we send on our second newsletter to all our Activators around South Africa. The Activators working around the country are demonstrating why they were selected for this programme and we have seen some amazing projects, innovative ideas, thought provoking debates and teamwork.

We are also celebrating the very successful Sunday Times article run that covered some of our Activators, giving a voice to their lives and what they are hoping to achieve for South Africa as a whole. These articles have been a real testimony to the amazing Activators we have been working with this year. The articles have also sparked a very strong response from the public in support of the Activate programme and in support of the Activators themselves. We hope that this is just the beginning of a strategy that gives all of our Activators a voice that can be heard around South Africa.

The newsletter below covers some feedback on some important elements of the programme as well as information on Module 3 training.