ACTIVATE! Network, a remedy to the leadership problem

By Lebogang Victor Ditsebe

The problem in our nation is a leadership problem; and the root cause of this problem is a lack of leadership in society and government.

Leadership is personal and leadership is not the assumption of a title or being an office bearer. Leadership that counts is self-leadership.

The ACTIVATE! Changer Drivers Network equips us with tools to better understand who we are as individuals and also to better our knowledge on the kind of leaders we are through the LEMON leadership programme. The network in module 1 2018 emboldens the importance of knowing who we are as Activators individually.

Moreover, when we deliberate on personal leadership – we are looking at the ability to lead yourself; and as well in that capacity to lead your community. Without the tools of knowing what kind of a leader you are – leading will just be a showboat, as we see it is in our country there is an abuse of influence and power.

“If we do not know the purpose of something – we will end up abusing it; (abnormally using it).” – Dr Myles Munroe

ACTIVATE! Change Drivers Network – also teaches the importance of having key values and morals. Unquestionably, the reason being corruption is being promulgated in South Africa it is because of a lack of a deep sense of moral obligation to the electorate who voted for the representative to assume office.

For example the previous scandal of state capture in government took place under the watch of many public representatives, one of them being President Jacob Zuma who is allegedly directly involved and is facing charges over that, certainly this is a sign of a lack of having values and morals in public representatives who assume office.

Positively through Activate Change Drivers Network – leaders of value and good moral standing are being equipped to be able to make the right decisions on behalf of the public and indeed make informed decisions within their coommunity structures.

In addition, Activators across the country are doing good progress in addressing social ills and pushing the social justice agenda, and Activators are provoking thoughts to confront the status quo.

Consequetly, young people in our country have to be reaffirmed by the commitment of governement to actively participate in youth development, to create skills developement and confront the scarcity of employment opportunities.

Definitely, without a doubt – the Activate Change Drivers Programme is giving us tools to navigate our selves through the socio-political space – in order to learn of using the correct channels on how can we  involve government and getting them involved as a stakeholder through the right channels to address the problems we face as the youth of South Africa

As I have said – my experience about the network is understanding that I am not the only one on the bandwagon of making a difference.Therefore up to this far I can recognise a clear sense of growth in terms of my personal leadership skills have grown as to compared before being selected into becoming part of the Activate Change Drivers Network. In closing – the connections I made, the information I have received is working to my advantage as an activist.

Photo credit: REALentrepreneur


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