ACTIVATE! #BeHumanRights Campaign

Tomorrow, South Africa will celebrate Human Rights Day, introduced to commemorate the Sharpeville massacre. It is a day when we need to reflect on the progression the country has made to afford equal human rights for all. As part of our #BeHumanRights campaign, and in light of the recent spates of xenophobic attacks, we will be featuring the inspiring anti-xenophobic photographic campaign of Activator, Mbali Kubule.

Through her campaign, she hopes to raise awareness of the humanity that we all possess while emphasising that we are all foreigners in some part of the world and therefore we need to exercise compassion: “izandla ziyahlambana, namhlanje nguwe ngomso ndim,” says Kubule. (Translated this means: One hand washes another, today it may be you but tomorrow it may be me). 

The objective of the ACTIVATE! #BeHumanRights campaign is to advance participation and commemorate various Human Rights that are crucial in South Africa today. During our #BeHumanRights campaign, we will be provoking conversations under the following topics: Xenophobia, free access to sanitary towels, education and youth unemployment #HireAGraduate

We invite you to use the hashtag to highlight and tell us how you embody human rights or to highlight areas where human rights are being violated. Join us tomorrow on our social media platforms as we advance our steps toward the betterment of the country. With your participation we will be closer to change than we were yesterday.

Lead SA Twitter takeover

ACTIVATE! in partnership with Lead SA took over the @Lead_SA Twitter account on Friday from 10:30 until 12:00pm, receiving over 3.7 million impressions! The takeover formed part of our #BeHumanRights campaign and Lead SA’s broader campaign: “Living the Constitution” making the constitution accessible to the South African public. As a youth organisation that champions youth related matters, ACTIVATE! supports the Lead SA campaign because it supports the Constitution and encourages active citizenship.


ACTIVATE! is a network of young leaders equipped to drive change for the public good across South Africa. Connecting youth who have the skills, sense of self and spark to address tough challenges and initiate innovative and creative solutions that can reshape our society.

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