A tribute to the late Activator Kenneth ���Aspiring Planetist��� Sethunya

By Lwazi Nongauza,

������I would like to believe that I played my role in executing my purpose on this earth. I played. I smiled. I taught. I learned. I loved. I laughed. I angered people; forgive me Bahlali, because I’m not proud.

I lost on some challenges and won on some. I moved on from different places that couldn’t provide peace for me and that I couldn’t provide peace for them.

One thing I’m proud of, Bahlali, is that in a space of 4 years, doing extra classes, I transformed young people to be great people, personally and academically.

I was taught wonderfully, by the late father, Action Setaka, that I should not hate people but rather hate the actions they have committed. That, I should not use people and love things but rather love people and use things hence I love YOU regardless Bahlali.������

Those are the words of an open letter on Facebook (on the 27th��of June) by Activator,��Kenneth The-Aspiring Planetist Sethunya��who sadly��passed away��earlier this week.

Unfortunately when the lightning bolt of death strikes, it destroys everything. It even destroys the ability to find words to explain its effect. This is how everyone in the organization and the network feels right now, we are trying to come to terms and mourn the untimely death of one of our own.

As if he knew his days were numbered��Sethunya, in his always creative self said his goodbyes to everyone.

He even honoured his late role model and Activator, Action Setaka who��passed away��in December last year. In one of his last tweets on��Feb 14, 2021 he wrote:

I hope heavens are treating you well Papa Setaka. YOU are dearly missed. I wish heavens had cell numbers just to call YOU and remind YOU how much I love YOU Papa��@setakal.��My whole being miss YOUR presence in my life. Peace”

“YOU loved us while YOU were still alive. YOU affirmed us in any way to show YOUR love. We will forever love and respect YOU Papa��@setakal.��We will even make sure that YOUR legacy will live on from this generation to the next coming generations. Peace.������

Upon hearing the sad news about��Kenneth The-Aspiring Planetist Sethunya, shocked young people throughout South Africa took to social media to share their fondest memories of Sethunya. Others revealed what they remember Sethunya for and how they think his life should be honored.

While reliving his good old days, Sethunya���s devastated childhood friend,��Bongane Seboka��described the fallen hero as a good teacher, educational activist, a motivational speaker and a good citizen in the community.

“Our friendship was unlike any other.����I will forever be grateful for what he showed me, how he groomed my positive outlook regardless of what was happening. I still remember in grade 9 when I was struggling with maths, at some point I almost gave up but my selfless friend,��Sethunya was always there helping and motivating me���one thing I liked about him is that he had a good heart, always smiling and speaking life,” says��Seboka.

Representative of his organisation, The Power of Word NPO��were����among those young people who were the first to share their tribute to the��The-Aspiring Planetist. While quoting Matthew 5:4 ���Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted��� said��The Power of Word NPO.

”Kenneth The-Aspiring Planetist Sethunya��was nothing short of an inspiration professionally and personally. He was more than just a friend to all those who knew him, and was not afraid to tell things as they are. We have lost a true leader, our condolences go to the Sethunya family, friends and associates.”

Fellow Activator Sandile Mlangeni counts himself as one of the few blessed people to have met Sethunya through Activate Change Drivers��and worked with��Sethunya. While sharing his��fondest memories with��The-Aspiring Planetist, the Tsakane based Activator Mlangeni��said:

“We held an explosive webinar in the midst of lockdown last year. Little did I know that that was one of the last collaborations we would have. Although it still doesn���t sound real to talk about him in the past tense, I can confidently say that despite being young, Kenneth The-Aspiring Planetist Sethunya’s contributed significantly to the betterment of South Africa. I wish I had more time spent with you on this journey.”

According to��Themba Planetist Vryman, Sethunya’s close friends and family will communicate further details about funeral arrangements when those details are available.

Activators will miss your laughter.
That used to light up their days.

Activators will miss the sound of your voice,

But most of all Activators will miss
The way you made them feel,

Like nothing could ever harm them because
Your presence was so strong and real.



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