A storm brewing

When a close friend of mine challenged me to write an article about human rights, I thought, “Yhoo…why would she want my views on this.” I have never considered myself a political mind or a young human rights activist, it is a topic I do not dwel on much. Ignorance is bliss, right? I try to educate myself as much as possible in 48 hours.

I am sad to report I am more confused than enlightened and have one question, “Who decides which human right is fundamental and which is not?”

Reading through the rights I am entitled to as a 25 year old, Christian, black, lebian woman was like reading through a wish list. Being from the rural Transkei, where the education rate is at its lowest, where abuse is cultivated within the holy walls of religion, “ukuthwalwa” and corrective rape is becoming the new “anti gay” pill society is prescribing.

The rights that got me thinking were rights to equality, education, a life, liberty and personal security, freedom from torture and degrading treatment and the recognition as a person before the law. How? When men are conditioned from birth that they are superior to women; when husbands rape daughters and society creates a mental illness to box him into so he will not bare the guilt or the responsibility! When my government laughs in my face as a young mind, while I attend classes under trees in classes with broken windows with staff spred so thin.

The quality of the lessons are compromised, where sanitation, lack of sanitary towels and the grumbling of my tummy reminds me where my priorities should lie. When we have diploma’s yet the rate of job creation across employment sectors is dropping. Instead, we have key members of our national entities falsifying qualifications to stay ahead compromising the integrity, profitability and stability of our economy. After years of LGBTI campaigns on transgender rights we still have little to no tactical support to incubate the sex changes on ID documents as fast as we issue condoms.

These are just a few concerns I had when thinking about human rights and what is actually happening in reality. I may not be a political science major nor and am I a human rights activist but I am a human and like all my peers have realised a new war has began. It uses no military arms or nuclear weapons, it eats away at our human dignity that we are sensitising our women to accept abuse and inequality, we teach young boys to treat women like pimps using media and we teach our young girls that rape happens and they need to accept it and move on.

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