A leader for times such as these

By Tlotliso May

Activator Lebohang Matlabe’s contribution to his country during trying times.

The English Proverb, “Desperate times call for desperate measures, comes to mind when I reflect on the unchartered times that we find ourselves in, as South Africans and the world. When the country was declared to be on a national state of emergency a lot emotions came about.  A lot of people had different thoughts, but the main opinion of all was based on the question of our ability to survive this pandemic and the situation that comes after this pandemic. The requirement for such is not only good and fitting leadership, but a lot of patriotic involvement of civic leadership and businesses. We stand in need of leaders that will sacrifice for their country and act in favor of its interests, leaders like Activator, Lebohang Matlabe.

Lebohang Matlabe’s philosophy of leadership is backed by his love and insistence on excellence, as an involved leader in the business sector and a proponent of leadership by his involvement with organizations such as ACTIVATE CHANGE DRIVERS! He is also a believer in education and its inherent positive impact, holding a Bachelors of Technology in Marketing, from Central University of Technology and a higher certificate in Entrepreneurship and Business Literacy from The University of the Free State. His belief in education can also be corroborated by his propensity to always enhance his educational profile as he is currently enrolled for Project Management Degree and concurrently finishing a PGDip in Risk Management with the University of South Africa. He is a model of the kind of leadership that young people in communities look up to.

For a country’s economy to be stimulated, young people must recognize not only the monetary benefit but the socio-economic benefit of trading in this or that skill. The same attitude of business mindedness is said to be required post covid-19 because the economy- during this time- may result in a lot of joblessness.  A lot of young people will have to create employment for other young people. Matlabe is the kind of leader we can count on to ensure that we do not only survive this pandemic’s effects but that we also, collectively forge a new future as young people.  The modus operandi of Activate requires members of our network do a bit in their corner of the country and the ultimate effect of this is seeing a better South Africa, by the little contributions of the many young people. It is safe to say that the corner that Activator Matlabe exists in is in safe hands.

He founded Lenaka Media Group where he offers traditional communications solutions and having realized the need to be in alignment with the 4IR, he also offers digital communications solution, ICT and Software Solutions. He is also selected to be a part of the top 20 innovative and ICT entrepreneurship by MTN Foundation and HD holdings. HE also founded Sgela mobile – a digital platform that is aimed at tackling challenges of digital divide within our society through availing e-learning and literacy in township and rural based schools. Over and beyond this, he serves as provincial chair of South African Freelancers Association in the Free State. A lot can be said about his leadership trajectory but the truth is that it is on an upward and onward path.  He is also helping young people access the internet for the application of relief fund, in partnership with ACTIVATE! and Activators within the Bloemfontein in the Free State for absolutely free

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