The role of education in transformation

The journey was a powerful and an amazing experience and I am still humbled by the various lessons I gained. Emotions were rolling up and down especially when I did not know what will be happening the following day even though it was exciting to be in the “survivor” show. I found myself asking what happens when unity is practiced, what happens when powerful minds come together to share powerful ideas? What was achieved by A! Bus journey was historically significant, a titanic battle of ideas was the order of the journey.

Visiting the East London Museum made me realised that transformation is key for the country to move forward. We can learn about transformation but we haven’t practically applied it in our communities. It is our responsibility as citizens to take charge of our transformation. While we look at the bright future we should acknowledge our heritage and identity. It is important that communities get involved, as Steve Biko said, black communities are tired of standing on the touchlines to witness the game that they should be playing. They want to do things for themselves and by themselves.

During the journey, I have gained insight about the EC province, in fact there is a lot that South Africa can achieve through transformation of our heritage and leadership. It is imperative that we realise the important role of education in transformation through the introduction to multiple frames of reference that are all seen as equally valid. Education should open spaces for critical engagement with the differences and possibilities across a range of worldviews. We acknowledge that there are different ways of being that are equal, even though they are different, and creates spaces for critical engagement with a difference. We need to accommodate diverse methods of enquiry, drawing from different worldviews and philosophical underpinnings. Bringing varying intellects, scholars of theory and practice, liberal thoughts, pan-africanist thoughts, masters of thesis, synthesis and anti-thesis, individuals who possess clarity of thoughts and profundity of thoughts made this journey a nucleus of what the future holds for ACTIVATE as an organisation.  I am inspired by the possibilities of responding to our community issues and realities within the local/national context.  

No words can express the gratitude felt and the sheer pleasure of the participants in engaging in this very necessary topic for vision 2030. This engagement shall be the catalyst for more vigorous and frank discussions the network will have and we shall once again humbly expect your contributions.

I am looking forward to the beloved community which will be formed not by the eradication of difference but by its affirmation, by each of us claiming the identities and cultural legacies that shape who we are and how we live in the world – bell hooks.

I look forward to continued engagements and keeping a cohesive network.

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