The Innovative Community Developer

Name: Nkosikhona Welcome Mpungose aka Uzzi

Province: KZN Durban

Nkosikhona Mpungose from KwaMashu in KwaZulu-Natal is a community developer by nature and an innovator.

What are you championing in your community?

I’m championing the termination of social ills in my community through organisational projects.

How are you driving change in your community?

I drive a drug prevention programme as well as HIV response programmes.

How has ACTIVATE! and the network supported you in driving change?

ACTIVATE! has supported me in many ways; from designing my project logos as well as supporting my community dialogues with refreshments and stationery through the Station programme of ACTIVATE!

The Bus Journey

Why have you decided to be part of the Bus Journey?

I decided to be part of the Bus Journey in order to explore, inspire, educate and share my experience as well.

What are you hoping to take out of the Bus Journey?

I am hoping to be inspired by fellow Activators which will hopefully motivate me to do more in my community!

What are you most looking forward to on the Bus Journey?

I am most looking forward to making relevant connections that can help me grow personally and in the work I do.

In an ideal world, who would you like to engage in conversation with on The Bus Journey and why?

Buti Manamela from the Presidency or Youth Manager from the Office of the Premier or the Mayor. I would really like to know what their programmes are and how my community can benefit from them. This will furthermore enable partnerships since we both share the vision of improving society.  

What are your plans for next year?

One of my plans for next year is to co-ordinate a High School Students Parliament Project that will create spaces for students to be trained on leadership and personal development as well as be involved in the policy making process.

How will you be involving the network in your plans?

The network will be involved through the ACTIVATE! Station programme and collaboration with other local Activators.

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