Lessons On How To Unlearn The Ills Of Drugs

Name: Gift Methule

Province: Mpumalanga

Gift Methule from Kabokweni in Mpumalanga is an energetic individual who has a passion for working with the youth. He is focused, self-motivated, a people’s person and loves the outdoors.

What are you championing in your community?

The elimination of substance abuse and illiteracy which leads to school dropout.

How are you driving change in your community?

In my community of Kabokweni, I volunteer at a youth NGO where we are working at getting young people off the streets by promoting sport and arts and youth development, among other things.

Furthermore, in my personal capacity and in conjunction with Activate! I have conducted youth dialogues and awareness campaigns in my community.

I also volunteer at an NGO called Mamkhulu.org offering psycho, social support during their OVC (Orphan Vulnerable Children) camps. I also currently serve under an organisation called Youth for Christ as a Mentor where I offer psycho-social support in a high schools three times a week.

How has ACTIVATE! and the network supported you in driving change?

Apart from the skills Activate! has given me, it is supporting me by getting involved in what I do and have supported an event financially. In fact, the entire Network of Activators have helped a lot even though I’ve never met most of them.

The Bus Journey

Why have you decided to be part of the Bus Journey?

I decided to be part of the Bus Journey because I saw it as an opportunity to create connections with other Activators and to promote the Network wherever we may go.

What are you hoping to take out of the Bus Journey?

I am hoping to learn and improve my skills in public speaking. Also, the experience of being with change drivers who are changing their communities that I’ve never met is especially appealing.

What are you most looking forward to on the Bus Journey?

Meeting Activators, being exposed to a different experience in a different environment is what I’m looking most forward to.

In an ideal world, who would you like to engage in conversation with on The Bus Journey and why?

I think the person I would like to have a conversation with is Thabang Mabuza because I look up to him and I feel that he is an intelligent innovative young person, a luminary that inspires me to work very hard.

What are your plans for next year?

My plan for next year is to work twice as hard as I did this year. I want to collaborate with more organisations that will help me drive change in my community. I also want to work hard in keeping the Activate! Network alive in order to grow stronger in my part of the region.

How will you be involving the network in your plans?

I have been involving the A! Network in everything I do and next year will be much greater as I will be collaborating with all Activators in my region to drive change.

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