Ditiro Mashigo, A Fashion Guru Making Waves

Pretoria-based award-winning serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and social change driver, Ditiro Mashigo from Limpopo is the founder and managing director of a fashion business called Serati Le Kgakana.   

She has showcased in national and international platforms like the Johannesburg Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Unconventional Fashion Statements (UFS) SANAAA Africa Festival and Tshwane Fashion Counsel, to name a few. 

The Tshwane University of Technology scholar is also the co-founder of several youth organisations like Mzansi Chambers of Fashion and Mamelodi Making Art work. Six years of dedication to the fashion industry and youth empowerment has led to the creation of dozens of jobs and progressive arts organisations around the textile industry in Tshwane.


The award winning fashion guru is using her knowledge on the arts, skills and networks to challenge the elitist status quo and create opportunities for others. “I believe that the youth in the fashion, art, and design spaces have a lot to contribute to the development of our country. I am one of those young people who do just that. I drive change by organising fashion events that endorses lesser known, upcoming designers in the city of Tshwane and facilitate arts empowerment seminars that open door for young entrepreneurs to upscale their businesses. I partner with institutions like the City of Tshwane and Tshwane University of Technology. Most importantly, I also drive change by being an employer in the fashion and textile industry,” she said.


Ditiro especially attributes some of her achievements to the ACTIVATE! Leadership Network initiatives like the Switch programme. “The ACTIVATE! Network has, and still continues, to play a critical role in entrepreneurship. Startup programmes like ACTIVATE! Switch along with people like Mhlanganisi Madlongolwana and Carrie Leaver has linked me to business institutions, business networks, and individuals. The programme has also taught me a lot about key business fundamentals like elevator pitching, funding channels, sustainability, financial literacy, branding, networking, project planning and management,” she said.

Nelson Mandela’s former clothing designer, Sonwabile Ndamase and founder of the Vukani Fashion Awards appeals to South African decision-makers to invest in young game changing artists like Ditiro.  “Her clear and unconventional artistic vision always gives custodians of African arts, like me comfort that young artists will redeem the fading African identity in fashion.  The best thing that government, investors and civil society can do is groom and protect artists like Ditiro who are driving change through arts,” said Sonwabile.

This coming Saturday, Mashigo will be exhibiting her latest collection at the Just Chilling Sessions event which aim to endorse local designers in the city of Tshwane.

Those who are interested in purchasing Mashigo’s designs are encouraged to contact her on 076 325 1161  or email her:  Ditiro23.dm@gmail.com or Serati.loves@gmail.com.

View Mashigo’s work here

Twitter: @LtdSerati

Instagram: Serati_ltd  

Facebook: Serati LTD                                                                                                                                                                                                      


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