5 Minutes With Zimkhitha

What’s your passion?
Uplifting communities and helping youth with challenges they are facing. I want to be the voice for the ones that cannot speak for themselves and let them be heard. I believe by helping one person you can enrich an entire community.  

What change are you keen to drive?
Unemployment, skills development, poverty, school drop outs and teenage pregnancy. Growing up I suffered from depression and I really want to help youth going through what I went through, so that they don’t feel like they are facing their life trials alone. 

How are you driving change?
Reaching out using diverse ways, I am working with a group of youth from King William’s Town that focuses on youth facilitation through art, drama, dance and poetry. We go to various areas and raise awareness on issues through our performances. By spreading information in a different way we are hoping that the youth will take heed of what we are communicating. 

How has ACTIVATE! supported you so far in driving this change?
ACTIVATE! has really given me the information and tools needed to develop my community. I am now able to recognise problems, talk to people and think out-of-the-box when looking for solutions. I feel empowered when talking to stakeholders and getting everyone involved in changing situations.

When I feel stuck looking for solutions, networking and sharing ideas with my fellow Activators in KZN has been a great help, they provide me with direction when I really need it. Before joining ACTIVATE! I’d have ideas but I wouldn’t know what to do with them now I know what I need to make them a reality. 

How do you motivate yourself?
I pray and think about how I can motivate others using my life experiences. Being able to encourage someone to never give up and working with them to find solutions inspires me.  

Final comment?
Decisions are being made for the youth, on our behalf, but no one is talking to us about the challenges we are facing. Voices of South African youth need to be heard, we must speak out, I believe that when we are given a platform then our county will be a better place for all. 

Connect with Zimkhitha: 

Tel: 076 534 7178 Email: madonciz@yahoo.com 

Calling All Young Change Makers to Shape SA’s Future and Join ACTIVATE! Youth Network for 2016! Applications for ACTIVATE! 2016 are now open. To apply, click the Apply Now button on the ACTIVATE! homepage at www.activateleadership.co.za. 

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