5 Minutes With Thembinkosi

What’s your passion?

I’m very passionate about seeing people working together to achieve success and significance. I’m also passionate African economic progress. I believe that Africa has the talent and raw material to be a leader in world economics.


How are you driving change?

I’m currently working for Project Playground as an operations manager. The organization has more than 300 youth and children from the community of Langa that benefit from the project. We use sports and recreational activities to build their self-image. I’m also a founder of Nzulu Group. The purpose of Nzulu Group is to educate and organize black people so that they can work to achieve success and enjoy significance.


How has ACTIVATE! Supported you so far in driving this change?

The education I got throughout the 3 modules I did has enhanced my leadership skills. I have met so many leaders that I’m currently collaborating with through Active. I’m currently working as an operations manager for Project Playground because of the recommendation I got from Activate.


What do you think is the priority in setting the agenda for our country in the next 5 years?

I think the priority should be addressing youth unemployment. The South African education needs total transformation. South African economy will not grow with an education system that continues to produce more employees that job creator.  I believe that social entrepreneurship should be our agenda in the 5 years


You have brands such as the Nzulu group and Umqababa Natural Health that are futuristic. What are your goals in transforming young people in that regard?

I want to transform young people’s mindsets in Africa so that they can believe that we are capable of creating and owning brands. I have created these brands as an invitation to African youth to come forward and be part of this movement.


How do you motivate yourself?

I motivate myself by spending most of my time with hungry people. I hang around with visionaries, I’m talking about people that believe that they owe the universe. People that believe that living a purpose-driven life is the best way to make a contribution to the universe.


Final message to young people?

The time is now for us to create and own brands that will create a positive in impact in the lives of other fellow Africans.


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