5 Minutes With Sade Lochenberg

What’s your passion? 

I am passionate about community development, especially with kids, and tackling poverty, education and unemployment.

What change are you keen to drive? 

The change of thinking differently. Our community has always been known for gangsterism and drugs. I want to empower my community because I know there are so many good people here.I feel, once they can start making a difference – some people just need help and motivation – it’s going to get better and better.

How are you driving change?

  • I’m on the executive team with the Merewent youth desk. We’ve done a cancer drive, blanket drive and toy run where we go into different homes and organisations handing out toys and having fun with underprivileged children who don’t get anything for Christmas. 
  • Doing puppet shows at Chance Haven, a children’s home.
  • I volunteer at the resource centre, a place where children and youth in can get help with their homework, or access computer lessons. We also run holiday programmes where kids are cooking, baking and go to the beach.

How has ACTIVATE! supported you so far in driving this change? 

ACTIVATE! has given me support and the backbone to stand up and say “I’m driving change and I’m making a difference”. ACTIVATE! has also given me the knowledge of networking, identifying myself and I use the flash cards when I’m doing projects.

What do you think is the priority in setting the agenda for our country over the next five years? 

Education and poverty – if youth have been educated, it will drop the unemployment rate. And to be a developed country where we don’t need to be dependent on other people and other countries. It’s hard to say “no poverty and no unemployment”, but there is a chance if everybody is dedicated and on the right path for peace and love.

How do you motivate yourself? 

I don’t sit and overthink things.  I talk to myself. I say “Sade, you want to do this. You’re going to do it. It’s going to be a success”. I also hang around with positive people and surround myself with people who are going to support me. 

Final comment? 

Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do, so keep at it. Be strong and never give up, you don’t know who you’re inspiring. 

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