5 mins with Florence

What’s your passion? My first love is media. I want to be involved in development media. I want to have a production house and be a talk show host for inspirational content that is based on development and upliftment.

What change are you keen to drive? I want to influence perception to make our country work, killing poverty of the mind, of knowledge, of everything. I want to see a society where people are rich in mind and spirit, empowering themselves, where they lose the sense of having things donefor them.

How are you driving change? I currently work for Tshikululu Social Investments, approving grants. It’s part of my plan to become a brand of influence and perception. I’m also doing motivational talks and I’m helping set up an Activator seed fund.

How has ACTIVATE! supported you so far in driving this change? I found myself and discovered how powerful I am. I also found my people, my family, the network, who share similar sentiments. That’s priceless. Also, resources andknowledge.

What do you think is the priority insetting the agenda for our countryover the next five years? Education. We need to educate ourselves as much as possible as young people, so we can make decisions for ourselves and stand for things that we believe in. Without education, we can’t question.

How do you motivateyourself? I read a lot. AndI do one of the weirdest thingsevery morning, I talk to myself.

Final comment? We keep saying Mandela freed us. It’s our time as young people, it falls upon us to be the generation we want, nobody owes us nothing.

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