4th Annual Matlhwaring Career Guidance Day

Matlhwaring Community Development Fund was founded in 2013 in the rural area of Joe Morolong Local Municipality in Kuruman. These areas include, but are not limited to, Galotlhare, Logobate, Mentu, Suurdig and Kortnight. MCD was founded by a group of young people trying to address the problems they were encountering in these areas. The founding members being the late Kgopiso Letobane, Boikanyo Letobame, Shadrack Gaetshele, Galaletsang Seatile and Activator and MCD Chairperson Baamogeng Hube.

The NPC was envisioned and birthed by the late Activator, Kgopiso Letobane, who passed away in 2015. Like it is said, heroes and legends never die as their legacies outlive them. Kgopiso was indeed such a hero as the MCD Fund continues to live and multiply his legacy. To date, the organisation has hosted four Career Guidance events which the founders fund from their own pockets. All in efforts to ensure that their dream to see the young people in their community succeed is realised.

MCD Fund Members in their green organisational T-Shirts and the attending learners.

The 4th Annual Career Guidance event, hosted in Kortnight on the 28th of April, was an absolute success. The MCD Fund team invited a vast array of young professionals from Joe Morolong amongst whom were a 28 year old teacher Mrs Nomsa Mathiba and a 26 year old engineer, Tshepo Sephiri. This clearly motivated the learners as it proved to them that it is possible to succeed against all odds. Also in attendance, were the local Royal Leadership and Local Government Officials. The local government officials informed the learners on the careers that are in demand within the municipality and the funding opportunities available for those fields of study.

Mrs N Mathiba (educator), Mr M Segami (Joe Morolong local mun.), Chief Sekang Sesinyi and Mayoral Rep. Counsellor Mr Keboreng Modise.

Of the 80 learners in attendance (as well as any other learners within Matlhwaring), three top achieving matriculants will be chosen for a fully funded bursary in Town Planning, Engineering and Medicine (respectively), all in efforts to increase the number of graduates in Matlhwaring. These learners have to take a 25km to 40km bus ride to school every day and can thus not attend most, if any, of the extramural and extracurricular activities offered at school. And that is not all, within the entire area, with over five to ten rural villages, there is neither a library nor well-functioning ECD centre that meet the standards set by the Department of Social Development, never mind internet access. The nearest hospital is at least 30km away on rocky gravel road and does not always have doctors in residence. The alternative being a clinic which opens at 8h00 and closes at 16h00 only on weekdays. This means that there are no medical services over the weekend unless one can afford to drive to the hospital or one that is outside the area.

Yet, in spite of all these challenges, the MCD Fund provides opportunities to make it in spite of the triple threat of unemployment, inequality and poverty. The team has managed to source containers where they want to run an internet café within the community and are currently sourcing funds for the necessary equipment.

The self-help attitude shown by the community members of Matlhwaring is unbelievable! Not only can it be seen through the efforts of the MCD Fund team but also through other community initiatives. For instance, the venue where the event was hosted used to be a chicken project. Upon its failure, the residents of Kortnight cleaned it up and continue to use it as a community hall while working on reviving the project. Another example is their sporting community. When the government couldn’t help them build sports grounds within their communities, they took matters into their own hands and built soccer fields using wood, sticks and empty mealie meal sacks. They currently run local sports tournaments where the local community members pay R10 each to watch and support their village teams. These funds are then reinvested into the hosting team. This way, they sustain the tournaments while waiting for assistance from the government.

Kortnight sports ground 

The MCD Team as well as the community of Matlhwaring are looking to build a library in Suurdig village, which is located at the centre of Matlhwaring where they will run afterschool programmes and hopefully offer internet access for the young people in their community. There are currently no funds or resources for this except land and a plan of action. Anyone who is willing to donate books is encouraged to reach out to Activators Baamogeng Hube and/or Kay-Dee Mashile on the contact details outlined below, regardless of where in the country you are. Should you want to contribute funds towards the building or buying of new books, also feel free to contact either one of the two Activators.

Another initiative is the establishment of an ECD centre( in Kortnight). Book donations and financial contributions for the purpose of book purchase are also welcomed. Children’s books in Setswana and English can be purchased for as little as R50 to R80 from the Books Direct team, contact Kay-Dee for details and help develop the community of Matlhwaring from young to old.

Mr Baamogeng  Hube

Co-Founder and Chairperson Matlhwaring  Community  Development Fund

Cell number:  0768291124

Email: b.hube@702mail.co.za or admin@matlhwaringcd.co.za

Website: www.matlhwaringcd.co.za


Miss Kay-Dee Mashile

Cell number:  0723423689

Email: MashileKD@gmail.com

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