Mordecai is passionate about the people and their betterment

Name:Sizolwenkosi Mordecai Ndlovu

Province: Gauteng

Facebook: Mordecai Ndlovu 

Twitter handle: @Mordecai_Ndlovu

Instagram: @mordecaistarz

Write a short blurb (summary) about yourself. In no more than three sentences.

Hi my name is Mordecai Ndlovu, from Gauteng, I’m a student at Vaal University of Technology.


Why did you decide to be part of the ACTIVATE! Network?

I decided to join ACTIVATE! to further make a meaningful contribution in my life, my community, my country and the continent at large. I needed to be part of a community that is passionate about the people and the betterment that of.


What did you enjoy the most about training?

I loved the part where we were tough about the power of storytelling. I have been having many battles in writing my story so more young people can be inspired and to realise their God-given talents. Furthermore, I also youth to want to be active participants in the development of our nation as I believe that we all have a story to tell and the training helped me find the confidence to tell my story.


How has training helped you or changed your perspective?

The training has changed the way I view my everyday activism. It has helped me to be more vocal and confident in the injustice we see on a daily basis; which in my case is how we fail to further develop policies that address the unemployment rate especially amongst youth and women. The training has mostly helped me to find amazing young people that have the same passion in community development. I have found young people I know will be future drivers of a better Africa and society.

Have you been inspired and been the inspiration in your community and those you interact with?

Yes. After the training, in fact, during the training I noticed that I began to change. By developing campaigns with Activators in the training that can truly make a meaningful difference in our country, from day 1, I managed to introduce 4 other Activators to join me to start a campaign #0%UnemploymentRate that aligns to a continental campaign Africa Youth Entrepreneurship Day. On our last day I also collaborated with 5 other Activators and we gave birth to the 3 City Substance Abuse campaign that we wish to host youth at the 3 of the biggest stadiums in South Africa. Lastly, I established two stations one – in Mbombela, Mpumalanga that will focus on Filming and The Arts program in collaboration with Ubuntu Youth Centre and St Mark School. The other station based in Bedworth Lake Residence that houses approx. 500 student which half of them are from disadvantaged communities in Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Kwazulu-Natal.


What do you think the role of the youth is in developing the country?

I believe the role of youth in developing the country is to be active participants in social youth program, also youth should be able to understand and support tools that make local government work. Youth need to be able to be vocal in addressing policies that advance youth interconnectedness and inclusion. The youth need to be able to be active participants of innovations and entrepreneurial excellence in the need to create employment.

What is your field of interest?

My interest is developing tools to get youth to being active and leaders of economic participation.

How are you driving change in your community/How would you like to drive change in your community?

Back in 2014 I presented Africa Youth Entrepreneurship Day – AYED campaign in Accra, Ghana where I was afforded an opportunity to represent my University and my country at the Continental Student Summit. Through that campaign I’d like to create platforms to create dialogues, conversations and strategies to address policy development that nurtures African youth economic participation in the 21 century. I like to see more Universities making students beneficiaries as economic participators in their respective universities. I’d like to see communities supporting and celebrating youth and women in their communities, I’d also like to see a better integrated strategy that allows youth and women to be more active participants in their communities’ economic development.

Now that you have completed training, how do you plan to keep active in the network?

I believe I will further take the knowledge from the training to build more momentum to mobilise, organise and activate youth in South Africa and the continent at large to be self-driven economic participants in community and economic development in their communities. I’d like to grow the 2 stations to address the issues youth face on a daily basis through workshops, training support and dialogues. Lastly, I would love to see our event created such as the ‘Reaching 0% Unemployment Rate’ and the ‘3 City Against Substance Abuse’ grow yearly to make an impact.

What are your plans for this year?

I wish to build 3 strong stations, VUT Bedworth Lake Station that focus on ICT and Entrepreneurship Support, Mpumalanga TV Station that focuses on media and youth development and Norkem Station that will focus on Social Youth Development.

Lastly I plan to grow the AYED campaign so that it reaches the whole continent through social media in preparation for 2019. Furthermore, I would like to have small activations for the 3 City Against Substance Abuse in my community.

Is social media an effective way by which you can receive communication from us?

Yes, I’m a big social media driver.

Additional information you would like us to know?

Thank you for the opportunity afforded!


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