While we celebrate the heroes of the past, it is also important that we hand the heroes of today their bouquets while they can still smell the flowers. Selflessness and self-sacrifice are virtues that most, if not all, active citizens possess.

ACTIVATE! has initiated a campaign for young active citizens to identify who their active citizenry icons are and how they want to be remembered. Here are a few responses:

TV, Film Actor, Writer and Producer, Kagiso Modupe, says:

“My icon is my father. I attribute my current success and #ActiveCitizenry to the many lessons he taught me about manhood and the value of my choices. An example of my #ActiveCitizenry is my 2017 resolution to inspire 2000 men to get circumcised as a preventative measure against cervical cancer in our female partners (among other related health risks). With partners such as Brothers For Life Yenzakahle, we managed to get 420 000 men circumcised! I want to be remembered as someone who was fearless and non-conforming, a man who lived for his family and never compromised himself.” 

Activator, Sizwe Vukulu Maphindani says:

“I am inspired by the lives of freedom fighters, particularly Steve Biko and Chris Hani, who died amidst the corridors of salvation. As the President of the Black Centric Forum, I actively advocate for reparations and a collective black racial consciousness. I do this through active involvement in social justice participation and re-educational programmes where we organize black people from different religious affiliations as well as political and economic backgrounds. I also write and publish conversational African Literature under Classic Age Publishing. All in efforts to build a united black nation and that is the legacy I want to leave behind.”

Activator, Daniel Du Preez says:

“I am an #ActiveCitizen in the City of Tshwane, fighting for the rights of the LGBTIQ+ community and the homeless people in and around the city of Tshwane. I advocate for the rights of homeless people by informing the City of Tshwane that homeless people have rights, just as all other human beings do. I make people aware of the fact that homelessness forces the youth to do drugs and steal in order to provide for their needs. Let stand together to end homelessness.”

Activator Apsalom Mdluli says:

“I’m one person who doesn’t have an icon because I admire everyone who does great for their community. If there is one thing I have learned from Tata Mandela, it’s to love all children like they are my own. What I am currently doing is developing the children in my community by empowering them and making sure all their basic needs are met. I would like to be remembered as a father to all the children in my community who loved and empowered them to reach greater heights.” 


Are you an #ActiveCitizen?

Email us your 100 words answering the questions below, also remember to attach a good quality picture of yourself:

  • Who is your icon and how have they inspired you to be an active citizen?
  • What legacy would you like to leave behind?

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